Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Venus" "Image of success and wealth" "Goddess and the earliest in Human history" '(Production in progress, sculpted in Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Bone as pendant (Amulets) and various sized sculptures)." "February 2010 thru May 2010 production 'Venus."

"Venus" "Sculpture from ancient Woolly Mammoth bone" "This female form is the representation of the 'Earliest sculpture in Human History" "Estimated dates include forty thousand years distant...remnant of the "Ice Age." 'example; is from my studio to provide as amulet to these wonderful extinct deities."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"On patrol, and on guard, Toklat 'tundra' Grizzly" "An ever present concern while alone and in the Arctic, gear loss is a real threat with the possibility of personal attack. I have only been in a serious conflict once in thirty five years...very close call"

"The 'Cut Bank' along the stream's shore, is frozen 'permafrost' that harbors the extinct bones and tusks of the Woolly Mammoth." "When a bone or a tusk thaws out completely, it falls into the stream and begins it's journey to the Arctic Ocean."

"Clearly visible, this ancient "Woolly Mammoth" tusk was thawed from the permafrost and now traveling 'north' to the Arctic Ocean."

"Exposed by spring runoff following 'Break-up,' this surge of water turns the entire gravel of the stream over and redeposits. Most likely this Mammoth tusk was 'uncovered' then in a future 'break-up' it will be buried once again"

"Discovering a giant 'Woolly Mammoth tusk' often is a family's 'lucky find' while out to 'Salmon Camp' or walking for Caribou.

"Norton Sound Alaska, 'Pleistocene exposed beach level' The moderate tides have little effect on the erosion of the tide slope, the occasional off shore storms do impact the shore lines and often fossils become exposed"

"Norton Sound inlet, south Seward Peninsula, an ancient Inuit site is just under the 'Fireweed' as several oval 'crater' shaped house sites offer evidence" "These ancient Inuits, very commonly carved Woolly Mammoth ivory, (Locally found), into Goddess images, harpoon projectiles, hair combs and ladles."

"The Shadows, rushing in to blanket the day" "At camp at 'six' from a 'normal' day on the Bering Sea, traveling from point to point as waves build and make the crossing interesting. Somehow relative to the same species as a 'hurricane.' 'Tents' are up and we're in the bag following hot dinner, still enough light to read and fall to sleep...immediately....

"Fourteen Foot Inflatable boat and a 20hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine." "Camping search and covering distance is this expedition's goals. "Of course we selected a camp spot with active bear trails and fresh water source with a few dried bones, about, but they didn't look Human, we thought."

"Expedition 2008 survey Bering Sea region Alaska" " A break in the weather when the winds prevailed cold temperatures and rain from Siberia, a good chance to dry it all out. Nearby, a fresh water melt stream offers cooking water and 'coffee."

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Frenzy" "It was a frenzy to keep up with the requests to supply one of my 'Moose Antler' eagles to a waiting list. The head was sculpted from the antler base with the 'eye' inlayed with amber and jet as the remaining body was the 'entire' remaining antler that hung from the ceiling by a small cable" "It was an evolution of this design that after completing over two hundred sculptures, I ceased producing them." "These all were done in the early 'eighties' and this photo is the only one to survive, in Polaroid format, I found in between the pages of a book"