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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is my desire to see you in such a place as this.  You whom read this.  To share in absolute wilderness, alone and not for a short time.  To get to know your new friend, you.  This is the way of us, and those whom look to the great distance and do so alone, to drive on in snow that gets you there and...back.  This bull Mammoth tusk as it lay in the stream bed of the Ikpikpuk river on the North Slope of Alaska...

Friday, October 29, 2010

"The hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle and alone for weeks traveling further north makes it all worth it to discover such a treasure"
"Now exposed to the surface and viewing a true treasure of the Arctic"  "A true museum piece such as this tusk will never be used for sculpture but as a specimen of a long extinct Woolly Mammoth."

"Prior to removal from the river this tusk photo is as it lay."  "Apart from the crack in the base of the tusk, there were no other fractures or damage to this tusk throughout it's length."  "Arctic region of Alaska"
"Woolly Mammoth Tusk as discovered in an Arctic Alaska river."  "I could see part of this tusk from at least one hundred meters from up river.  The section of this tusk that is exposed to the surface looks like a log lying in the water but since there are no trees this far north it could only be one thing."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Denbigh, the Small People"  "5000 years ago lived the Denbigh villagers, high in the Arctic and were less than a meter in height.  They were artists in stone and made the most beautiful tools to hunt with.  They were not easily seen or found by any other tribe of the north but were respected for their magic and tundra knowledge.  To this day scientist marvel at their blades and artistic perfection, yet deny their existence as the smallest tribes.
"Spirit Bear, Spirit Man"   "Legend has it, the Inuit god, Yupik, enjoyed setting up his villagers on numerous occasions, (such as this sculpture depicts), as he transforms himself, along  with others, to play torment only to bring good news of a progress."  "Yupik retired to the farthest north when Russian traders appeared in the early 19th century, he remains there, one can hear his roars rippling off the shores of Wrangle Island."

Monday, June 7, 2010

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Bo Earls, blade of chert attached to my handle of ancient Woolly Mammoth Bone.  This is an example of prehistoric Inuit typology of the Thule period of 1200 years.  I have many actual artifact knifes in my collection to utilize as reference in order to construct authentic motifs of ancient 'style' work."
"Prehistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory knife with slate blade, discovered in the Kotzebue region of Arctic Alaska, Thule Inuit of 1200 years age."
"Prehistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory Knife hilt ornament of ancient Thule Inuit"  "Blade of slate and typical of motifs discovered through out the region."  "Unknown motif perhaps a shaman's identity of a vision of some fantastic creature."
"Prehistoric 'two piece' knife artifact of walrus ivory handle and nephrite 'jade' blade discovered in the Kotzebue region of Alaska."
"Prehistoric Walrus Ivory knife handle (Hilt) from Arctic Alaska discovered near Kotzebue, village.  "Both knife blade (nephrite jade) and walrus ivory handle were detached as were held together by an ivory pin attachment.  Age approx 1200 years, Thule Inuit."
"Bo Earls, ( world class flint-knapper ) from Utah, America, produced the blade of chert, I then attached a handle of ancient 'Caribou Jawbone' of which I discovered while beach combing the Bering Sea region of Alaska."  "Occasionally I produce reproductions for museums and private collectors.  I utilize modern blades produced by artists, as with the blades discovered from ancient discoveries, all produced from stones of various types."  

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory is a wonderful jewelry medium, it is rare, unique in that it is the very earliest sculpture medium in 'Human' history dating back as far as the late 'Pleistocene, epoch, at  40,000 years distant."  "I do a great deal of jewelry designs for clients in an international market profile. For, me, personally, I produce 'Amulets,' these are not jewelry...they are objects of empowerment, they are beautiful but they are not referred to as ornaments."  "The Human 'Spirit' (for a lack of a better description) has an intrinsic 'Will' and 'Aura' that when focused can do great works.  "Amulets" have always accompanied 'those with power,' they assist change from our  diminutive power base to a dynamic personality and purpose."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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"All of Human History,"  'We have marveled the elephant, for their size, power, and including them in our religious endeavors.  I work with ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory in sculpture and amulet compositions, keeping the tradition, and I marvel at it all."
"Don't Play With Your Food"
 "I enjoy all types of compositions but the more 'humorous' pieces, seems the most well received."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory from the Bering Sea region of Alaska."  

"The first time he saw me, he disappeared into the brush only to reappear again as I left the tent for the supplies in the boat...the second time was much...closer."
"I look up and there he is, looking at me from just a few yards distant.  I bring up my camera and start talking to let him know I am not a moose.  Then he heads straight"

"His territory, and his river, as I am just passing through.  He moves straight towards me and on purpose.  There was no hesitation and eye contact was constant.  I could not go anywhere as the camp was in place for the night...he closes in"
"Twenty feet, he stops and moves to the right then on to a full gallop towards the bush."  "This far north I am most certain, these bears never see a human."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"In the Gravel"  "Drifting alone, along a river which flows north to the Arctic Ocean, I discovered this section of "Woolly Mammoth Tusk" and does resemble a section of a fallen tree, yet this far north, there are only stunted vestiges of trees and an abundance of brush."  "This tusk section is a good example of ivory that warrants the use for sculpture and jewelry."

"Cut Bank Erosion," "Arctic river in the Arctic Alaskan Region."  "Note: the center of this photo illustrates an 'Ice Wedge' which is a portion of the bank containing 'Permafrost' which is directly responsible for the preservation of bones and tusks of the extinct "Woolly Mammoth and other 'Pleistocene' species."
"In almost every way, resembles a modern elephant tusk, yet it was discovered in 'Ice Age' permafrost in Arctic Alaska.  "I could see this tusk lying in mud from over a hundred yards, with twenty per-cent of the tusk  above the river's surface and the remaining, just lying on the bottom."
"Easily Missed"  "Searching along the Arctic river, it is easy to overlook a fossil when it resembles the limestone in close proximity.  This 'specimen' is from a mature bull 'Woolly Mammoth.'  They are specimens for pathological study and not utilized in sculpture. 'Occasionally, certain teeth do have remarkably large roots and are of the most beautiful color, sometimes it is the root system that remains in some eroded teeth and are then used in jewelry...most lovely."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"In the high Arctic, at camp, for weeks and for the longest time, five months on the move, in search for 'Ice Age' 'Woolly Mammoth Ivory."  As soon as I discover a tusk, it gets wrapped in plastic and taped for protection until I can stabilize and preserve them in studio.  All this ivory is saturated with water as they were frozen in time since the last Ice Age and subsequent global Ice Ages in the past." "It is 'still' organic ivory due to this frozen preservation and offers the world an alternative for modern ivory producing species."
"Drifting down an Arctic Alaskan river to the Arctic Ocean, I do so slowly, in search of ancient Woolly Mammoth tusks as they appear in the gravel and silt, sometimes in deep water.  This photo illustrates a perfect Cow Mammoth tusk deposited in the river's gravel.  I never sculpt a complete tusk but always preserve them intact.  There are enough broken specimens to offer for my sculpture endeavor."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

"In for the Night"  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory"  "Pendant just under two inches tall with Russian style trade beads (in keeping with historic tradition with the Russian trade routes targeting Alaska for two hundred years)"
"Then, once in a while, comes a special Inuit 'Shaman' whom has a report with local inhabitants such as a couple of  'Toklat tundra Grizzlies' as some legends say."   "Indeed, they had the villagers convinced of his powers and they...listened."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Russian trade beads, two inch tall pendant."
"Inuit 'Hunters' back from the tundra...empty handed but with some kind of story to tell to the village like perhaps a Polar Bear attacked them and ate their dogs, or they were lost in a snow blizzard for days leaving them stranded and maybe they just found a few 'gull' eggs to add to the dinner pot."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory"
"I have had no experience with doing a series of just 'Natives' as a pendant design targeting 'Alaska and the Yukon Territory' and was only somewhat apprehensive in determining a response.  As I have discovered in a couple of sales efforts in 2008 and 2009, these designs were very well received and have met my expectations exceedingly."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" two inch dimension, at a price 'wholesale' to dealers"
"Maori design motif with an antique finish supported by 'gemstone beaded necklace' with a method of 'tribal' style knife engraving to comply with client specifications, 'Woolly Mammoth Ivory'
"Specialty requests in productions include a variety of finishes that no other studio can accomplish while maintaining a reasonable priced 'wholesale' format."  "This example is a 'Maori' maskette amulet pendant for a specific client interest, with a dimension just under two inches tall.  This finish is considered an 'Ancient' application to suggest being excavated from an archaeological site."

'Within the confines of my studio, I work with a few other artisans developing design concepts to satisfy the growing interest in a diversified client base.  'Dragons', from the traditional variety to 'new age' styles are a study in themselves...from...'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' the 'Most Significant Sculpture Medium in the World.'

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Fossil record indicates that this 'fauna' was in place during the 'Ice Age' and the herds of Woolly Mammoth must have enjoyed the 'Fireweed' as even today there are those in Alaska that make 'Fireweed' jam, a real traditional treat."
"Normal sized herd with the 'Matron' in the lead, and heading into the trees for another long cold."  "Woolly Mammoths in their seasonal rounds with a variety of frozen herbs and cranberries, frozen on the bush and many 'blueberries' in similar state, the herd can stand in place for hours, grazing, and a bear ventures out form sleep... for a treat."

"We lived in a time completely different than what we experience now, we walked everywhere and were 'nomadic' hunters of the 'land.'  We carved Woolly Mammoth ivory in images and tool forms and followed the herds along with their migrations, they were our earliest endeavor."
"Ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory from the Bering Sea region, Arctic Alaska...This pendant illustrates the multi-colored example, that is my favorite for jewelry and sculpture works"  "The combination of dark blues, blue-green, oranges and rust red are only discovered in the ocean, the interior ivory from the rivers and tundra do not have this rich array of colors."

"Running was a 'Good' thing and often came in 'handy' during the "Ice Age" either we were chasing after something or 'moving away from something."
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Ancient Sperm Whale tooth discovered on a beach combing trip along the Bering Sea region and 'Scrimshawed' in my studio in Skagway, Alaska"
"Pribilof Island Fur Seal
"  "1978"

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"Pen and Ink promotion and design concept drafted by William Sidmore in 1989, along with other fossil or prehistoric ivories including Mastodon, Walrus and Whale."
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Traditional Balinese Sculpture, 'Ganasha'  by 'Ardana' resides now in the 'Taro' museum, in Bali, along with many other treasures of ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Sculptures from the studio of William Sidmore"

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Each day passes...time with no relevance...four hundred miles to any village...alone and looking down river to the north with a day's distance to the next camp...another gravel bar, another treasure"

"Quiet... a fox cub in the bush...curious and talking to the hills...caribou crossing the stream to the other side with calf and glancing at me...others in the ridge-line moving slow to the north...a peregrine falcon protesting them as too close to his high bank nest...small in the 'big' of it" 
"Arctic camp 2008...salmon darkened the waters near shore, bears walking by fat with their take, reindeer in numbers following the trails of migrating caribou as the wolves sound the valley with their songs.  Morning coffee dripping through an antique coffee pot found in an old trapper's cabin.  Trout running under the boat in clear melt water rising to ripples in the wake of our passing."  "A mammoth tusk in the gravel marking the trail where once they numbered in the millions"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Venus" "Image of success and wealth" "Goddess and the earliest in Human history" '(Production in progress, sculpted in Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Bone as pendant (Amulets) and various sized sculptures)." "February 2010 thru May 2010 production 'Venus."

"Venus" "Sculpture from ancient Woolly Mammoth bone" "This female form is the representation of the 'Earliest sculpture in Human History" "Estimated dates include forty thousand years distant...remnant of the "Ice Age." 'example; is from my studio to provide as amulet to these wonderful extinct deities."