Friday, October 29, 2010

"The hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle and alone for weeks traveling further north makes it all worth it to discover such a treasure"
"Now exposed to the surface and viewing a true treasure of the Arctic"  "A true museum piece such as this tusk will never be used for sculpture but as a specimen of a long extinct Woolly Mammoth."

"Prior to removal from the river this tusk photo is as it lay."  "Apart from the crack in the base of the tusk, there were no other fractures or damage to this tusk throughout it's length."  "Arctic region of Alaska"
"Woolly Mammoth Tusk as discovered in an Arctic Alaska river."  "I could see part of this tusk from at least one hundred meters from up river.  The section of this tusk that is exposed to the surface looks like a log lying in the water but since there are no trees this far north it could only be one thing."