Friday, March 5, 2010

"Fossil record indicates that this 'fauna' was in place during the 'Ice Age' and the herds of Woolly Mammoth must have enjoyed the 'Fireweed' as even today there are those in Alaska that make 'Fireweed' jam, a real traditional treat."
"Normal sized herd with the 'Matron' in the lead, and heading into the trees for another long cold."  "Woolly Mammoths in their seasonal rounds with a variety of frozen herbs and cranberries, frozen on the bush and many 'blueberries' in similar state, the herd can stand in place for hours, grazing, and a bear ventures out form sleep... for a treat."

"We lived in a time completely different than what we experience now, we walked everywhere and were 'nomadic' hunters of the 'land.'  We carved Woolly Mammoth ivory in images and tool forms and followed the herds along with their migrations, they were our earliest endeavor."
"Ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory from the Bering Sea region, Arctic Alaska...This pendant illustrates the multi-colored example, that is my favorite for jewelry and sculpture works"  "The combination of dark blues, blue-green, oranges and rust red are only discovered in the ocean, the interior ivory from the rivers and tundra do not have this rich array of colors."

"Running was a 'Good' thing and often came in 'handy' during the "Ice Age" either we were chasing after something or 'moving away from something."
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