Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory is a wonderful jewelry medium, it is rare, unique in that it is the very earliest sculpture medium in 'Human' history dating back as far as the late 'Pleistocene, epoch, at  40,000 years distant."  "I do a great deal of jewelry designs for clients in an international market profile. For, me, personally, I produce 'Amulets,' these are not jewelry...they are objects of empowerment, they are beautiful but they are not referred to as ornaments."  "The Human 'Spirit' (for a lack of a better description) has an intrinsic 'Will' and 'Aura' that when focused can do great works.  "Amulets" have always accompanied 'those with power,' they assist change from our  diminutive power base to a dynamic personality and purpose."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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"All of Human History,"  'We have marveled the elephant, for their size, power, and including them in our religious endeavors.  I work with ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory in sculpture and amulet compositions, keeping the tradition, and I marvel at it all."
"Don't Play With Your Food"
 "I enjoy all types of compositions but the more 'humorous' pieces, seems the most well received."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory from the Bering Sea region of Alaska."  

"The first time he saw me, he disappeared into the brush only to reappear again as I left the tent for the supplies in the boat...the second time was much...closer."
"I look up and there he is, looking at me from just a few yards distant.  I bring up my camera and start talking to let him know I am not a moose.  Then he heads straight"

"His territory, and his river, as I am just passing through.  He moves straight towards me and on purpose.  There was no hesitation and eye contact was constant.  I could not go anywhere as the camp was in place for the night...he closes in"
"Twenty feet, he stops and moves to the right then on to a full gallop towards the bush."  "This far north I am most certain, these bears never see a human."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"In the Gravel"  "Drifting alone, along a river which flows north to the Arctic Ocean, I discovered this section of "Woolly Mammoth Tusk" and does resemble a section of a fallen tree, yet this far north, there are only stunted vestiges of trees and an abundance of brush."  "This tusk section is a good example of ivory that warrants the use for sculpture and jewelry."

"Cut Bank Erosion," "Arctic river in the Arctic Alaskan Region."  "Note: the center of this photo illustrates an 'Ice Wedge' which is a portion of the bank containing 'Permafrost' which is directly responsible for the preservation of bones and tusks of the extinct "Woolly Mammoth and other 'Pleistocene' species."
"In almost every way, resembles a modern elephant tusk, yet it was discovered in 'Ice Age' permafrost in Arctic Alaska.  "I could see this tusk lying in mud from over a hundred yards, with twenty per-cent of the tusk  above the river's surface and the remaining, just lying on the bottom."
"Easily Missed"  "Searching along the Arctic river, it is easy to overlook a fossil when it resembles the limestone in close proximity.  This 'specimen' is from a mature bull 'Woolly Mammoth.'  They are specimens for pathological study and not utilized in sculpture. 'Occasionally, certain teeth do have remarkably large roots and are of the most beautiful color, sometimes it is the root system that remains in some eroded teeth and are then used in jewelry...most lovely."