Monday, October 3, 2011

"Two inches in length, 'spoon' small ladle, 'Island' profile, Polynesian / Indonesian remote 'Tribal' motif.  This example is carved from Woolly mammoth Ivory and has an 'Antique' finish. (In the background is an Inuit Mammoth Bone harpoon with a 'slate' stone end blade." "I am preparing a multi-motif production of both Mammoth ivory, Mammoth Bone and Domestic Cow Bone." 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Ivory...Mammoth Ivory, 'The Most Significant Sculpture Medium in the World"  'Contemporary Motif, to Dayak Tribal 'Head-Hunter' Borneo, all the way to the Arctic and reproducing Inuit museum ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory...(Offering the same quality and in increased quantity in Cow Bone, for tourist distributions of important indigenous 'Prehistoric' or 'Historic' design motif."  
"Walrus sized Toggle Harpoon Projectile, with a slate inset blade. Discovered near Nome, Alaska"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Emaciated in age, this Shaman was sculpted in primitive style to bring about a great 'Artifact' finish"
"Dead Shaman, accomplished with her mask, changing bodies,  from her 'spirit world' to return as a baby...again"
"The Polynesian 'Maori' of New Zealand have received much notoriety for their 'cultural' motif supplied to an eager collector population...their tourists. In a much greater exposition, the Okvik, Yupik Inuit from Arctic Alaska along with the thousands of their years of ancient Inuit motif evolution, it remains unrivaled.  Preserved in ice for thousands of years, ivory from these islands are still being discovered." "This photo was ('Inspired sculpture from my studio, to offer as 'Artifact' finishing')...'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' (12 inches in length)...'Okvik Style Lance Harpoon...