Friday, September 30, 2011

"The brilliant 'Red' (side notched0 Archaic Arrowhead was 're-hafted' in my studio to what might have appeared six to seven thousand years ago. I have a variable collection of these ancient objects.  They are from all over the world."  I do however value the Alaskan 'stone' projectiles a great deal, due to their significance and scarcity." "They often exhibit master works-man-ship in their stone work as their very survival depending on the hunt."
"Buckland 'Old Village' up river from town. The Buckland river has Mammoth, and bones along with artifacts that have drifted downriver.  The upper Buckland river for some reason began to change it's banks to a different route, and as it did this it washed and eroded through the old village...This foot long Beluga Whale Harpoon Toggle was still in the mud...not as yet 'fallen' into the gravel and river."
"Yupik Ladle, motif, of Woolly Mammoth Ivory, and indeed the Yupik of St. Lawrence had not much in the way of Mammoth Ivory.  During the Ice Age, the Bering Straight off St. Lawrence Island was 'Mammoth Steppe,' dry except for the rains.  Pleistocene Ice Age fossils are all through the Bering and Chukchi abundance and often they are washed up on the beaches all through the Arctic"
"Spoon Ladles, Pendants and Amulets, from as far back as the Ice Age to the last thousand years, reproducing artifact motifs and with an 'Antique' finish equal in view to an ancient object." "Very difficult to obtain an original artifact from the Ice Age, so I bring them back, affordable, all designs that can be retrieved from historic and prehistoric references." "My market is actually 'fun' to design and produce the most significant art form in history, Woolly mammoth Ivory, the first jewelry and spear."
"An 'eroded' Woolly Mammoth bone, in the sand with moss...on a stroll along the beach in Koyuk village, and then a ancient vertebrate, probably seal.  I still have the old seal bone, and the 'Mammoth Bone' was just finished into sculpture.  "Misfortune"  Elder Shaman of Savoonga centuries ago, transformed himself into a Polar Bear, so he could more easily track his quarry.  Running on all four legs, he then crossed a high ice ridge and down the other side...a hunter from his village...thrust a lance into the old Shaman...thought he was Bear"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"This is just how 'Woolly Mammoth Tusks' are discovered, above the Arctic Circle, 'Alaska' in a small creek that flows north.  Drifting day by day and every day for weeks always discovering something, each day. I am never 'less than' ecstatic every day in this wondrous region.  This tusk was photographed prior to touching it as I do with each discovery!"
"I enjoy legends, some are remembered from stories of the Athabaskan and Inuit heritage and others are my imagination.  I incorporate these legends in my artworks, and it is extensive.  I have sculptures such as these all over the world after over 35 years of designing for Mammoth Ivory and Bone."

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Antique finish, 'Cow Bone' pendant with trade beads and 'adjustable' cord, offered for dealer interests only, and distributor options for the 'collectors and tourist' market in Alaska's vast region."  "I work in both "Woolly Mammoth ivory" as well as domestic "Cow Bone" for client preference, encouraging a various design momentum targeting regional interests." 
"Inuit Shaman carved from domestic 'Cow Bone' with an 'antique' finish and 'gemstone' beads illustrating the detail available for Dealers, from my production studio.  With my extensive crew of extraordinary artisans, we are capable in supplying a vast quantity while maintaining high level of quality.  I design most of the carvings now produced as well as this example in the photo, and do encourage custom motif for a design specific production...see below posts for price points"
"Completely 'Hand Carved' 'Pendant' and just under 2 inches in length, high polished and with signature, on a adjustable cord and trade beads, cow bone with an antique finish and priced to dealers @ $4.00 each not including shipping would indeed sell at the Anchorage weekend market by the hundreds @ $ 8.00 each.  (This is just one motif out of possible hundreds that is designed for the tourist market and not just the Weekend Market in Anchorage, but to gifts shops all over Alaska).  "I no longer 'personally' distribute this production throughout Alaska.  Instead I remain 'in studio,' offering 'Distribution Options' for those interested in a high profit and fun business!""I encourage specific design options from Clients to comply to indigenous interests "
     "Price for orders (various design motifs) of over one thousand pendants, depending on design options" "My studio does custom carving for those dealers with Woolly Mammoth Ivory shipped to my location,  "Dealer Inquiries invited" 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Pendants 'Amulets' sculpted from domestic 'cow' bone.  Extreme detailed carvings, with price points designed for dealership interest or artists whom prefer their own designs reproduced in quantity for actively supplying gift shops and galleries for the tourist market, (above) photo promotion, for Anchorage, Alaska) offered in 'white' or 'antique' format. My studio has several artisans in production to compliment any order amount without compromising quality.  My studio maintains copyright exclusivity for all orders, and for additional information and dealership price format, (For cow bone; ($3.00 to $6.00 distributor price points) please contact by email (above)... Brilliant quality, quantity and extremely affordable rapid selling hand made product!"