Monday, September 19, 2011

"Completely 'Hand Carved' 'Pendant' and just under 2 inches in length, high polished and with signature, on a adjustable cord and trade beads, cow bone with an antique finish and priced to dealers @ $4.00 each not including shipping would indeed sell at the Anchorage weekend market by the hundreds @ $ 8.00 each.  (This is just one motif out of possible hundreds that is designed for the tourist market and not just the Weekend Market in Anchorage, but to gifts shops all over Alaska).  "I no longer 'personally' distribute this production throughout Alaska.  Instead I remain 'in studio,' offering 'Distribution Options' for those interested in a high profit and fun business!""I encourage specific design options from Clients to comply to indigenous interests "
     "Price for orders (various design motifs) of over one thousand pendants, depending on design options" "My studio does custom carving for those dealers with Woolly Mammoth Ivory shipped to my location,  "Dealer Inquiries invited" 

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