Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory is a wonderful jewelry medium, it is rare, unique in that it is the very earliest sculpture medium in 'Human' history dating back as far as the late 'Pleistocene, epoch, at  40,000 years distant."  "I do a great deal of jewelry designs for clients in an international market profile. For, me, personally, I produce 'Amulets,' these are not jewelry...they are objects of empowerment, they are beautiful but they are not referred to as ornaments."  "The Human 'Spirit' (for a lack of a better description) has an intrinsic 'Will' and 'Aura' that when focused can do great works.  "Amulets" have always accompanied 'those with power,' they assist change from our  diminutive power base to a dynamic personality and purpose."

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