Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Ancient Sperm Whale tooth discovered on a beach combing trip along the Bering Sea region and 'Scrimshawed' in my studio in Skagway, Alaska"
"Pribilof Island Fur Seal
"  "1978"

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"Pen and Ink promotion and design concept drafted by William Sidmore in 1989, along with other fossil or prehistoric ivories including Mastodon, Walrus and Whale."
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Traditional Balinese Sculpture, 'Ganasha'  by 'Ardana' resides now in the 'Taro' museum, in Bali, along with many other treasures of ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Sculptures from the studio of William Sidmore"

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Each day passes...time with no relevance...four hundred miles to any village...alone and looking down river to the north with a day's distance to the next camp...another gravel bar, another treasure"

"Quiet... a fox cub in the bush...curious and talking to the hills...caribou crossing the stream to the other side with calf and glancing at me...others in the ridge-line moving slow to the north...a peregrine falcon protesting them as too close to his high bank nest...small in the 'big' of it" 
"Arctic camp 2008...salmon darkened the waters near shore, bears walking by fat with their take, reindeer in numbers following the trails of migrating caribou as the wolves sound the valley with their songs.  Morning coffee dripping through an antique coffee pot found in an old trapper's cabin.  Trout running under the boat in clear melt water rising to ripples in the wake of our passing."  "A mammoth tusk in the gravel marking the trail where once they numbered in the millions"