Saturday, June 13, 2009

"A river that runs north to the Arctic Ocean", fifty miles by way of the crow. Alone and there to listen and to see into no change in the land for ten thousand years. Just under the surface, are stories found while dreaming, shown to us all of the time in life but lost to distractions. Slow and deliberate the pace and stopping for a bone on the gravel then a walk farther down to the bend in the river. A tooth of an extinct lion and a jaw section of a dire wolf. Back to the boat and shove off to the stream and over a two meter mammoth tusk with the tip just above the surface.
Orange and unmistakable, dark green lines running along the beam and the center just under the moss. A religion to look closely this tusk in its natural place and placed there buy unknown currents as the same current takes me farther downstream and up to the Arctic...

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