Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Centuries with so many revolutions around the sun, when nomadic hunters in their seasonal sojourns from their summer camps to winter stay, found them on the trails of Caribou, Bear, and Seals.  They were experts in country, as they traversed all of it with a knowing of what they could find to survive such long winters and mosquito infested summers. Threats were and still are common place in these regions as they lived out their lives successfully with a technology very well suited to such environment.  Small, lightweight projectile end blades were 'flaked' off larger chert cores blanks that they found in rivers and beaches.  Designed so well with balance to effectively take Caribou, Bear and other creatures in their region.  War was also occasional and had been deadly accurate with such stone points well placed, but Humans whom they were, come to no surprise from our extensive track records as evidence still can be discovered from their passings.  

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