Friday, May 23, 2014

"She was companion, and someone to hold in the dark nights on the trails.  She had always been nearby and with her was a crystalline clarity of the Mammoth from which she was borne. Her spirit was lost in ice and frozen for thirty thousand years until discovered by a young shaman.  A section of Ice Age Mammoth tusk then sculpted into an 'Amulet' from a vision.  She was ill in his dream, emaciated and shocking but powerful as all deities are from another ghostly dimension.  It was such as the shift of life took on this air of old age in the spirit realm offered to the few, in life, gifted to visit.  She was lost again, from the Shaman at the end of his life, and buried in the muskeg tundra deep in ice and melted winter.  Centuries had passed in sleep, until the sea had thawed the iced burial tossing the grave onto the beach. She had been found and now held in the warmth of the living as sunlight once again gleaned her saturated iced ivory.  She has stories to tell, just listen to her as you hold her, one of the time of the Mammoth, and many to follow in the hands of ancient hunters and people of magic, of times lost to extinction, yet clearly a time of mystery"  

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