Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Another Freedom Lost"....."Peace was invented in the land during the last 'Ice Age.' This same land is still along side our roads and towns.  The rivers have changed but were also born to the time of the long sleep, the Ice Age.  Peace, like no peace most Humans now know. The Arctic is vast, and in one of my Past Life regressions, this I know, was involved in this region over ten thousand years distant.  I was a resident hunter here, during the time of the Mammoth.  Being in this Arctic realm, is my passion, was my life and my creative force in this life's experience. I am truly home in the Arctic, discovering mammoth ivory that I sculpt with no other sculpture medium as  interesting. To my great dismay, Mammoth Ivory in the Arctic region has been made illegal for collecting and is not available as my future medium of creativity. (The United States Federal Government has control of the entire Arctic region and is prohibited for the use of  this wondrous 'Mammoth Ivory' in my creative endeavors)."

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  1. This is such a sad commentary. Bill is a dear friend and one of the most caring, loving souls I know. He has actually improved on Nature, through his wonderful artistic abilities.
    It completely astounds me, how such a battle can be organized against one man, who.s only goal, was/is to sanctify life through immortalizing of historical events.
    Greed raises its proverbial ugly head, but through the sharing on this internet medium, we will cut off its head with the righteous sword of Love.