Friday, September 28, 2012

"Arctic beaches deliver such possibilities of discoveries. This photo illustrates a 'Stellar Sea Cow (extinct) rib bone, ancient Inuit digging 'spade,' with a 'missing' driftwood handle, that was affixed through the hole visible in this photo. The notches, (only one visible), was a brace for the attached handle. This find is what is considered a non-diagnostic 'site' discovery, as it was lost to it's true location. We are maintaining a very detached connection with the scientific community in the Arctic. Government sanctioned regulations are crippling any effort to encourage this association.  I personally would indeed enjoy delivering any new site location, or discovery of any possible diagnostic discovery to members of the scientific community but the effort is strictly one sided. It requires intensive study now to understand all of the regulations imposed on even local residents in the Arctic, to collecting without the possibility of persecution, so that anything discovered is not offered to any scientist. It would be logical to not install punishment to those whom may find a valuable artifact or fossil but rather to embrace this potential association which would be a value to the study of any faction of the scientific benefit."

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