Friday, September 28, 2012

"Imagine you are fishing in the North Slope region of Alaska, or almost anywhere Alaska, and doing well with a few Grayling, Arctic Char, and Northern Pike, always nice fishing there.  Then rounding a bend in the little river in 'anywhere' Alaska, there is this beautiful 'organic' 'Ice Age' Woolly Mammoth tusk lying in shallow water. Now, being that the federal government prohibits the acquisition of this tusk from it's place in the river, all that anyone can do is to look at it, take a photo and walk on by, leaving it to become destroyed by the winter freeze and the subsequent spring break-up when huge amounts of water and ice crushes anything in it's path on it's way downstream.  The loss of logic in this disturbs me, disturbs anyone with a sense of reason for the preservation of such treasure.  The scientific community does not want it, nor does the federal government as there are already such an abundance in every museum and scientific storage facilities throughout the world. So then, this tusk, as with 'thousands' exposed every summer in the many rivers of Alaska, are destroyed, lost to anyone, for nobody is allowed to possess them.  (Only on private property or leased lands have rights to these when discovered, all other locations, which is the majority of the entire state of Alaska, is a lost resource)."

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