Friday, September 28, 2012

"Woolly Mammoth Tusks, bones and non-diagnostic, as well as diagnostic, 'Ice Age' Pleistocene fossils and artifacts are in such abundance in Alaska as not to ever become depleted. Mankind and the species of Homo-Sapiens will become extinct on this planet long before any beginning of the depletion of these fossils are realized. A great deal of these fossils do offer the scientific community information offered by the pathology of certain recovered specimens.  The scientific community can not often afford to travel in to the field to search and bring out specimens and yet are content to embrace regulations opposing any member of the private sector that may venture such endeavors.  There is this common logic that may exist that should bring the collector and scientist together for the benefit of progress, to reject non-diagnostic discovered fossils and return them to the collector, and to embrace any diagnostic finding to be studied within the laboratories of the appropriate offices with the intention to return the fossil to the collector following the examinations. The scientific community could only benefit with such an association from the private sector, and the government imposed regulations may then finally cease it's programs of creating animosity within it's own country as well as ignoring cooperation potential within the scientific community and those whom are interested in the discovery of this most amazing treasure."

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