Saturday, July 30, 2011

"1980 Buckland village arriving upriver approximately 30 miles from 'Elephant Point' to visit and resupply.  I met just wonderful friends there and journeyed even further south up river another 20 miles.  There I discovered ancient Woolly Mammoth tusks and fragments along with a very rich placer gold gravels parallel to the mine called Candle, a few miles to the west.  I saw my first wild Muskox as this bull raced past me in a near panic tearing up tundra and flinging sod many feet in the air.  An ancient village eroding out from the river dumping artifacts along the gravel bank, a complete dark brown native skull lay wedged between clumps of sod, and a set of 'jet' labrets nearby.  An Arctic fox in molt, looks on from a few feet away, and ravens following the nestling geese...upriver."

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