Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Chukchi Sea coastal camping and explorations will display a variety of marine mammals vertebrates and other bones in rather abundance. Sometimes an entire whale with Toklat Grizzly Bears hanging around their free lunch...a good time to circumvent the area in passing. All of the little rocks and in different colors can actually be a walrus tusk section, or an Orca whale tooth and once in a while an entire skull. It is my desire to discover the many Pleistocene fossils that are lying on these beaches from the permafrost erosin caused by storms...such as Woolly Mammoth Tusks, Mastodon Tusks, and in a rare occasion a 'Saber Tooth cat tusk."
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  1. I'd like one of those huge vertebrae! It was such a delight to check in on my blog list this morning and discover your new batch of posts!!! It is such a treat to get a glimpse into your adventures; Im so glad that you take the time to photograph, comment on and share the things you see on your trips! Keep up the good work!