Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Ground Squirrel entrance, and with a very close examination you can see a small amount of 'recently exposed' bone section. This is the first harpoon toggle I exposed by with little effort by just scraping away the loose soil. The unusual lack of chert or flint shards around a discovery like this is uncommon. The flint shards are always an indicator to a site, although it is most common in nomadic short termed camps. In this case, a shrot term camp, has no charcoal present, or flint shards, so it must just be a day site used for viewing the sea for any passing Seals. Walrus or Belugas. These harpoons were for small sized sea mammals not anything as large as a Walrus of Beluga, but most likely these prehistoric hunters did have larger harpoons available to them perhaps at this site."
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