Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Arctic Alaska, preserves artifacts very well as this 'Okvik' bowl illustrates with an age of over 3000 years. Carved from ancient walrus ivory, and lost in a subterranean earthen shelter, along with a possible burial.  These are a few of the artifacts that occasionally are discovered on St. Lawrence Island as well as coastal Siberia, along with other Inuit types from the mainland.  This blog is interested in presenting fine prehistoric art of Arctic Alaska, it's significance and any provenance I may find. It is difficult to view any kind of artifact typology on the web, yet I will display all I can discover for this educational forum.  Within my other blog; 'In My Own Words' I associate many of the 'Winged Objects' of the Okvik and Ipiutak Inuit with design motifs  of extraterrestrial influences."

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