Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Okvik horizon, 3000 years age, Bering Sea, St Lawrence Island, Alaska..."Winged Object" (ventral side) view illustrating linear engraving typical of the group at it's renaissance.  "What we have with these amazing variety of Winged Objects is how stylization incorporates into it's primary motif patterns. Tradition maintains uniformity in profile, also engraved conformity mostly, but now and them through personal expression the traditions will take a turn in the road. Initially these objects began as a representation of a vehicle, space ship, UFO, or shuttle that made it's appearance 3000 years ago on the island.  It had stayed there for a time, long enough of a time to be remembered, and then recorded in a sculpture, most likely in wood first, then since it left such an impression,  most likely a 'deity' importance, it then became traditionally handed down through the generations evolving along the way.  Form all I have studied in form, in this motif with all it's variations, it is very likely that there were more than one extraterrestrial encounter, more than one vehicle type viewed and recorded and even the 'visitors' themselves remembered as 'dolls' in tradition and through most of these Yupik horizons down through the generations." 

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