Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Saber Tooth Cat colored "Ice Age" Woolly Mammoth Tusk"  "Still going further north and will for another few weeks, making and breaking camp each day, stopping on every gravel bar, and looking around for any sign of another fossil tusk, or an ancient Inuit harpoon projectile, perhaps an ancient ivory sled runner, and one of my biggest dream finds...a Human form effigy of ivory or bone or even amber, dating back to when land stretched from Alaska to Siberia, during a time mystic, a time we only remember when we sleep in country, on the old Mammoth migration trails, as I stop and pick up a stone spear blade that tells of the hunt..."Mammoth!" 

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  1. I have confronted tusk such as in your photos through out the universe ... PROBLEM ... Nobody belives me! GREAT BLOG!!!