Monday, March 25, 2013

"As National Geographic publishes accounts of Siberian private field expeditions in the search for Woolly Mammoth ivory and other Pleistocene, Ice Age fossils such as exhibited in this photo, does offers Siberian's citizens opportunities to prosper with their discoveries. Just across the Bering Strait, east to the shores of Alaska, the residents and native population also search out these Mammoth ivory resources but with the risk of persecution by the Federal mandates imposed on all lands except that of private lands.  This natural resource is extremely abundant and may also assist in the world's human rights to own ivory that is not obtained from the slaughter of living creatures. From my research, it is the intention of the American Federal government to view all ivory sources as either illegal or so heavily restricted as to make it difficult, in the extreme, to acquire. I applaud Siberian interests that realize their freedoms, in this case, which excels that of Alaska, keeping the interests of their citizenry in mind and supplying our species this most wondrous medium both in the field of art and specimen collections." 

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