Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Not a day ends, that I have not uncovered a section of Woolly Mammoth tusk somewhere downriver in these shallow gravel bars flowing north in the Arctic region of Alaska. Occasionally, I see something deeper in these streams of six to ten feet that I have to decide to strip off everything in order to descend and retrieve it.  The effort of drying clothes on the move is more problematic then diving in the buff in ice water.  Sometimes I am very surprised and then other times it is just a broken and thin section of ivory that nevertheless excites me.   This particular color is easily seen and in shallow water although, as it had turned out, is just a thin section about four feet long.  It is jewelry grade however and quite spectacularly red with orange...a true treasure that will become a most worthy object of inspiration in sculpture and 'Amulet,' motif."

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