Friday, March 15, 2013

"The majority of Human forms discovered in prehistoric sites or in rivers, streams and beaches were in past prehistory carved for the use of toys, dolls and ornaments for utility items within the household.  On a rare occasion, a Human form would be an Amulet both for a single household or for the entire village. Amulets are endowed with a certain power applied to it's motif and by the Shaman whom had sculpted it and given to ceremony for the purpose of benevolent protection. This particular Amulet is evident of its use due to it's skeletal motif suggesting a link to the 'spiritual' realm in a vision that a Shaman would present. Also that this Amulet is female suggest that it is a nurturing image that relates to a very serious intention of protection of not just for the village offspring but to the entire village as a whole. (Kotzebue region, Woolly Mammoth ivory, 800 to 1500 years in age, discovered, out of situ, lying on a beach in Escholtz Bay on private property)."

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