Monday, March 11, 2013

"It had all began in the mid-sixties when I discovered that I could find artifacts in rivers, streams, plowed fields after rains and even along construction sites in Iowa.  I ventured out after school mostly on foot in those days as a bike was not in my possession, but after an hours walk, I would arrive near the Des Moines river to some farmer's field and began to walk the plowed furrows cleaned from a few spring rains. When the fields no longer offered me a chance, any longer due to crops concealing the ground, I headed for any stream or the gravel bars on the river. I had discovered agates (Agates that were deposited by Ice Age terminal moraines scraped out in the area around Lake Superior and even Montana dendritic specimens with a myriad of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils as well. It was then my passion, and other interests alluded me except my artwork that also assisted me in my living for the remainder of my life, even now. 'This photo is of a 3/4 groove small axe 'four and a quarter inches long,' sculpted by ancient hunters in the Des Moines river valley 'Woodland Culture' in very nice condition.  I actually began to purchase as many artifacts from farmers as I could to acquire funds to travel around Iowa in many buying trips and sold many artifacts to collectors in Des Moines, I never wanted to hold any job and continue to just follow my passion."

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