Monday, March 25, 2013

"Left handed mature 'Bull Woolly Mammoth' tusk, out from an eroded Ice Age deposit, somewhere around 20,000 years ancient. Siberia produces a great deal of wondrous specimens such as this flawless tusk, as their main market is China whom maintains their perhaps growing ivory tradition. Mammoth tusks are ivory and in no way petrified as most fossils are, but instead frozen for the entire time until they are exposed by summer  temperatures. In a very real way, there are enough of these ivory tusks, both broken and complete, mostly from Russia, Alaska and western Canada to impact modern ivory producing species as a valid and legal replacement. It is very important to note, that all of these ancient tusk require curing, slowly as they are all saturated with water....Ice Age water, and a high humid condition in such regions as my studio in Bali insures that they cure properly and without damage."

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