Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"My original goal for this blog is not one of a political nature, but my passion for being in nature, in the Arctic, among the spirits of the land and it's language.  Discovering such wondrous treasures are now to remain where they are found compared to common driftwood, recording only the experiences with stories and photos. Alaska is 'protecting' these most amazing treasures of the Ice Age from ever being brought out of the tundra, and as they become exposed to the elements by erosion, they rapidly breakdown to smaller pieces.  Obviously this life is not about existing in logic and justice but the influences of challenges that limit both.  So as I find these natural treasures lying about in the surf, in the rivers, and tundra, they are old landmarks of a previous era, with no one to claim them, preserve them and enjoy them apart from their natural surroundings.  I go regardless, and regard them such  as the mountains, and the sky, to remain in place as they cycle in their return to the dust they have originated."

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