Monday, March 25, 2013

"Siberian summer sod house, for hunters of the Mammoth, along a seemingly endless coasts and river systems abundant in Ice Age fossils. Walking and boating in a distance not far from this shelter indicates that the fossil digs are in abundance as this hunter returns to his house regularly.  This region offers a very real opportunity without a daily venture to far reaches. What people and perhaps the scientific community may or not realize is the level of abundance that remains in frozen permafrost in the Arctic. It is endless and will always produce these fossils and for any scientific community to voice a conservative agenda of public collecting with restrictions becomes ludicrous. The absolute majority of fossils discovered offer little or no diagnostic interests to the scientific community and in Alaska, no one is allowed to go into public, state or federal lands to bring out these fossils for their personal possession. There is no real logical reason to prohibit acquisition of these fossils and illustrates a further control agenda by the government for it's own self serving policies."   

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